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CCM Jetspeed 350 Senior Hockey Stav

DKK 599,-
DKK 649,- SPAR DKK 50,-
Model + flex: 29 Venstre - 85
Forventes på onlinelager 28. feb.
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The Jetspeed 350 Senior Hockey Stick is meant for entry-mid level players and comes with some beginner-friendly features.

Starting off from the top, the carbon/fiberglass combined two-piece design ensures a durable and responsive hockey stick that can be used for multiple-purposes on the field. It has a hybrid kick point, that provides a nice and controlled hinge effect, perfect for fine-tuning your technique. The Jetspeed 350 Stick is pretty stiff from the CCM logo and up, which leads to a quick shot release. The JS3 blade is stiff as well, perfect for practicing shot and pass accuracy.

Moving down the stick, it's designed with a tapered shaft for an increased speed. The shaft itself is constructed with rounded corners and straight sidewalls, ensuring a good grip and a stick that's nice and easy to handle for beginners.

This is the Senior Jetspeed 350 version with P29 profile and a flex of 85.

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Komposit Fiberglas og Kulfiber