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Leki Blue Bird Vario S Justerbare Skistave

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This Blue Bird is a performance-oriented freeride ski pole from Leki.

The ergonomically grip, the padded foam area below the grip and the interchangeable two different snow baskets sizes all is included in this powerful ski pole that is made of aluminum and carbon material. This ensures lightweight and strong properties.

Leki has built the Blue Bird Vario S with the Speed Lock 2 - this means that you can adjust the length both to fit the right length for you but also for you to adjust to handle variations in snow conditions when touring. It is simple to operate and can be used on the run.

Another big thing about this pole is the smart Trigger S system. It is a flexible, and quick operated strap system that allows you to click the strap on and off. This way you can easily change your grip. In the event of high tensile stress, e.g. a fall, it releases upwards.

Adjustable length 110cm - 140cm

Weight 272grams