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Leki Spifire Vario S Skistave

DKK 899,-
Længde: 110cm
Forventes på onlinelager 16. okt.
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Get a set of ski poles that have been made to realize any Freeriders wild dreams

Leki saw a massive interest in their previous fixed-length Spitfire pole among the Freeriding community. With this Vario S version, you get the same nice details but with the added benefit of length adjustability. Included are both a powder and a big-mountain basket.

Tech Features:

  • Trigger S Pro Grips:
    • Slim design offers up a great grip
    • Soft materials on the surface enhance gripping power
    • Don't fear getting caught in the loop thanks to the Trigger S quick-release system
  • Adapter Cap:
    • Makes it possible to utilize the Leki GoPro™ compatible adapter (sold separately)
  • Trigger S Frame Strap:
    • Fast and easy-to-use with the click-in and out system
    • Perfect fit adjustment
  • Speed Lock Length Adjustment:
    • Superfast adjustment option that can be handled with mittens or gloves on
  • Baskets:
    • Cobra Alpin is ideal for the prepared slopes
    • Big Mountain is perfect for catching the powder snow in the backcountry
    • Both are switched easily thanks to the Tool-less basket replacement
  • Long Flex Tip:
    • Offers a more precise pole use and has a great grip in nearly all types of terrain