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Landyachtz Hollowtech Sidewalker Cruiser Deck

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Længde: 35.5"
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Quick maneuverability on a lightweight Hollowtech construction.

The Sidewalker is made with two key ideas in mind. The first idea is for you to be able to maneuver your board quickly. Second is to make the board as light as possible without sacrificing any strength. This is the Deck-version, which you can use to slap on your choice of trucks and wheels

Luxury from top to bottom

  • Light and durable Hollowtech construction with lots of pop
  • Made from a mix of strong Canadian Maple and light Fiberglas materials
  • Colorful transparent artwork reflecting in the sun

Functional shape provides you with endless opportunities

  • The functional shape is a result of combining the cruiser shape with the popsicle shape.
  • Do advanced tricks while cruising easier thanks to the functional shape, aggressive kicktail, and rounded nose with a mellow concave.
  • Avoid wheel bites even when riding with a loose and more maneuverable truck setup.
  • Keep your feet stable in the pockets created between the concave and wheel wells.

For every Landyachtz skateboard sold a new tree will be planted

The guys at Landyachtz are very environmentally conscious. They want to give back to nature and they do that by planting a new tree, good for about 60 new skateboard decks, every time a deck is sold.

Deck bredde:
9.5" (24.1cm)
Deck længde:
35.5" (90.2cm)
19.75" (50.2cm)
Deck materiale:
Canadisk ahorn, 4-ply
Additional materials:
Glasfiber, 2-ply
Deck specificationer:
Dobbel kick-tail, Hjul fordybninger
Riding Style:
Freeride, Freestyle, Cruise