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Fischer RCR Skate IFP 18/19 Langrendsski

DKK 1.799,-
DKK 2.399,- SPAR DKK 600,-
Længde + model: 186cm - Stiff
186cm - Stiff
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Skigo XC 18/19 Skistave Langrend
110cm (+ 249,-)
115cm (+ 249,-)
120cm (+ 249,-)
125cm (+ 249,-)
130cm (+ 249,-)
135cm (+ 249,-)
140cm (+ 249,-)
145cm (+ 249,-)
150cm (+ 249,-)
155cm (+ 249,-)
160cm (+ 249,-)
Skigo Vasa 18/19 Skistave Langrend
130cm (+ 499,-)
135cm (+ 499,-)
140cm (+ 499,-)
145cm (+ 499,-)
150cm (+ 499,-)
155cm (+ 499,-)
160cm (+ 499,-)
165cm (+ 499,-)
170cm (+ 499,-)


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SkatePro Langrend Skirem
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Montering af binding
Montering af binding (1 stk)
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DKK 149,-
SkatePro Langrend Skirem
SkatePro Langrend Skirem (2 stk)
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DKK 58,-
Skigo XC 18/19 Skistave Langrend
Skigo XC 18/19 Skistave Langrend (1 par)
DKK 319,-
+ DKK 249,-
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Skate cross country skis for determined skiers looking for lightweight skis with precision and dynamic properties.

The RCR Skate with premounted IFP binding mounting plates for Turnamic skate bindings are perfect for both training and competition. Note that it is not possible to mount other bindings than Turnamic bindings.

These cross-country skis are constructed with an Air Basalite Pro core that adds lightweight and torsion-free elements.

The Power edge reinforced ski chassis ensure good pressure distribution and the Skating 115 camber design increase stability and a more powerful kick. Furthermore, the arrow-shaped sidecut improves performance and dynamic skiing.

Recommended: Choose a ski that fit skier's weight + a ski length approximately 10cm higher than person length.

Ski length vs skier's weight:
176cm, medium - 50kg - 59kg
176cm, stiff - 60kg - 69kg
181cm, medium - 60kg - 69kg
181cm, stiff - 65kg - 79kg
186cm, medium - 65kg - 79kg
186cm, stiff - 75kg - 90kg
191cm, medium - 65kg - 79kg
191cm, stiff - 75kg - >90kg

Notice: When purchasing both skis and bindings from us, we mount your bindings for free. If applicable, add your boot size as a comment to your order.

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Ski Flex:
Medium, Hard/Hård
Ski kerne:
Air Basalite Pro
Ski sål:
DTG World Cup
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Fischer Voksning