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Optiwax Glide Tape Eco Glidevoks

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Taking good care of our planet is something we can all join together and agree is worth an effort. So why not apply yourself some more, while you are applying a strip of Optiwax Glide tape to your skis?

The Eco line of glide tape from Optiwax is made to have a very little impact on our planet but a huge impact on your skis. Apply this glide tape to both the top and bottom sides of your skis in order for them to glide effortlessly through the snow. Furthermore, this feature will help you keep your skis dry and prevent ice from building up.

Both the paper part of the tape and the box it comes is made from recycled paper. The wax used for this tape is a non-fluoro biodegradable material that gives you optimum glide in most conditions. The working temperature range from +5°C and all the way down to minus 20°C also means great versatility in terms of use in varied conditions.

This regular version has a width of 60mm and will be perfect for most types of cross-country skis. The application is simple and fast and leaves you with more time on your hands to go skiing. Simply apply the tape with heat and brush it afterward.

+5 to -20 °C
Ingen fluor
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