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Ortovox Pro Alu III Sneskovl + Mini Isøkse

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You can dig in the snow, get to the top and build your snow cave with this combined snow shovel and spike. It is a part of your safety equipment when skiing in areas with risk of avalanches - and please be aware that the spike does not meet the DIN EN 13089:2011-05

Who is this set for?

  • If you like to tour and built your own snow caves
  • It is for you if you are in areas with risk of avalanches. Then this set is a part of you and your friend's rescue equipment

What benefits do you get with the Ortovox Pro Alu III Shovel + Pocket Spike?

  • Easy packable
  • Lightweight
  • Multifunctional - you can change setup from shovel to spike and to a combined axe-shovel

Good to know

  • Educate yourself, make good decisions and seek knowledge before you go
  • Test your gear before going out - like assembling mechanisms

Shovel Technical information

  • Scoop is 2.7liters
  • Weight is 770grams
  • Length is 84cm when assembled
  • Length is 44cm when disassembled
  • Blade dimensions are 29x22x5cm

Spike Technical information

  • Weight is 90grams
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