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Red Eye Wheels - upgrade your skates to first class

The new range of wheels from Red Eye mixes quality urethane at an affordable price with a simple design. The result is a range of aggressive wheels what caters to any bladers setup.

Red Eye Wheel Co. goal is to equip every pair of aggressive inline skates out there with a premium wheel setup at a reasonable price, but also to reinvest profits back into their team, their products, and the industry.

We're stoked to present the Red Eye Team Wheel + four signature wheels from some of the best bladers in the world.

The boarding pass designs on the signature wheels are directly inspired by the company name "red-eye," which derives from the symptom of having red eyes on a late-night airplane traveling.

Go team!

The Red Eye Team wheel has a classic flat profile, which gives you excellent stability when you are landing techy tricks or hitting the surface after dropping a big gap.

The wheel is 55mm in diameter and a 92A in durometer - perfect for a classic aggressive setup.

The wheels of the tech wizard

The new Red Eye Jon Fromm signature wheels are designed to meet the demands of Jon Fromm's technical street style.

The rounded shape gives you maneuverability, but at the same time also aided stability when landing grinds and spin tricks.

The wheels are 60mm/90a, a perfect size for a classic aggressive setup, and it is sold in sets of 4.

The legendary Josh

Are you looking for a fast and super maneuverable pair of wheels? Then check out the Red Eye Josh Glowicki signature wheels.

The shape of the wheel is a bullet shape, which gives you speed and high agility. At the same time, it reduces the risk of wheel bite while sliding.

If you are looking for an aggressive setup leaning towards powerblading, the 68mm wheel diameter makes the Josh Glowicki signature wheels a great choice.

Tear up the streets

Korey Waikiki is known for being a super smooth, creative and technical rider who does magic when he straps on a pair of blades.

With his new Korey Waikiki Aggressive Wheels, you get a set of wheels with a flat profile that gives you a high amount of stability, which is perfect when you are dropping gaps and want a controlled landing.

This classic shaped aggressive wheel comes in 62mm/88a and is sold in sets of 4.

Smooth shredding

Russel Day is known for his smooth and crisp style, and now the San Diego native has gotten his very own Red Eye Russell Day signature wheel.

These wheels are great if you are going for a classic setup. With its flat profile and a 62mm wheel diameter, it's perfect for sticky landings.

The Red Eye Russell Day signature wheel is sold in a pack of 4 wheels.


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