They're often overlooked and is well hidden within the truck, but bushings or truck bushings as some call them are actually a vital player when it comes to your riding experience.

To keep it simple, let us just point out, that it's the truck bushings that are responsible for your ability to maneuverer and turn your board, which is key when you're out cruising around town.

How to choose a pair of truck bushings

So what to look for in a pair of cruiser bushings? Well, first of all, there's the shape of the bushing. For cruising, we would recommend choosing a Barrel/Cone bushing, which gives you a smaller turning radius, but on the other hand a whole lot of stability, also at high speeds. If you really want to go high speed we recommend Barrel/barrel bushings.

All the cruiser bushings you find in this category are high-quality parts, made to ride and made to be worn and torn while you're cruising around.