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Kids ice skating helmets are very important

When going to the rink for some winter fun, it is crucial to equip your little fella with a kids' ice skating helmet. Although it seems like a quite safe environment, the ice skating rinks can be quite dangerous.

Think of it like this, it is limited space, with a slippery, hard surface that quite often is packed with people who doesn't necessarily know what they are doing. This is a clear call for a toddle ice skating helmet for sure.

Fitting a toddler ice skating helmet

A helmet should always fit comfortably and snug on a child's head. It should not be moving side to side or front to back. This is why make sure that the chin strap is tight enough without being uncomfortable. The helmet should also fit on top of the head and not pushed backward or forwards.

Replacing a kids ice skating helmet

Winter helmets, skateboarding helmets, and bike helmets are made to withstand a few impacts but always remember to check your toddler's ice skating helmet for cracks, damages, and deep scratches. If you can see any of the above it is recommended that you change the helmet because their protection properties may not be intact.