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Kids scooter helmets: Keep your child safe

Your child might not be doing big aerial tricks or grinding rails yet, but a kids scooter helmet is still the most important piece of safety equipment to be wearing.

Why you should buy a kids scooter helmets for your child instead of letting them use a bike helmet.

Though kids scooter helmets and conventional bicycle helmets both protects the head, there are some very important differences.

  • Kids scooter helmets are multi-impact resistant while conventional bike helmets have to be changed after a serious impact.
  • Kids scooter helmets are shaped to cover and protect the back of your head while conventional bike helmets don't do that.

All the helmets you find in this category have an EN 1078 certificates, which means that the helmets are approved for skating, cycling and scootering.

Kids helmets, how to place them to give the maximum protection

A snug fit is important when it comes to kids helmets is crucial for your child's protection.

If your child shakes his/her head a little and the helmet does not move, the fit is perfect. Furthermore, the straps should form a Y right under the ear, without touching the ear.

If the helmet wiggles a little there are often foam pads included with the helmet. This means that you can almost customize the perfect fit for your child.