3-pak - Skøjter


Ice skating 3-pack protection gear

If you want to get fully equipped and protected in terms of ice skating pads, getting a 3-pack is the perfect option. In the 3-pack skating protection, you will find the traditional combination of knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.

Consider adding an ice skating helmet

Getting a 3-pack gives you the security that your most exposed to injury body parts will be protected. However, your head is still the most important one that is quite vulnerable if you fall on the ice. That is why it is good to include a helmet to your 3-pack protection gear in order to keep your brains safe.

3-pack ice skating protection for everyone

No matter what size you are, a small or a grown-up rider, protection is super important and here you can find the right one for every size, gender, and experience. You should always be safe in order to enjoy and have the best of fun.